In addition to Scotch Universe, we also have another brand: The Old Friends. This brand is ambiguous, because on the one hand, many distilleries in Scotland have grown to our heart, becoming true friends. But we – just like Scotch Universe – place a lot of emphasis on the barrel management and are more than convinced of the quality of the whiskys from our stock – and find them to be perfect as a gift for good friends.

THE OLD FRIENDS are exclusive single cask bottlings, carefully selected by the team of Scotch Universe. All the essential information for whisky enthusiasts can be found on the labels – not only the exact age but also further details such as the espective numbers of the individual barrels, hogsheads, butts or barriques that we have selected for the each bottling. In addition – as is customary with us – the whiskys mature in particularly high-quality, sometimes also rare, boutique cask, carefully choosen from high-end coopers, vineyards and bodegas.

As all bottles are ideal as a gift for good, old friends, a pendant on the bottle’s neck offers the possibility to note the recipient of the gift, the name of the gift-giver and the date of the occasion. That’s why THE OLD FRIENDS is also a great product in the specialist trade for all those who make the others a great pleasure.