Scotch Universe is a still young but globally active company, which has made a name for itself primarily as an independent bottler of Scotch Whiskys. The minds behind Scotch Universe bring many years of experience from the whisky industry and have come together to offer high quality spirits together and with a lot of dedication.

In the meantime, Scotch Universe operates at two locations with a great passion for whisky, quality and enjoyment. Scotch Universe became well-recognised as an independent bottler of whiskys with their core brands SCOTCH UNIVERSE and THE OLD FRIENDS. The own stock, which matures in Scottish warehouses, is carefully expanded and developed – because the makers behind these two brands share a great passion for special maturation and the joy of connoisseurs all over the world for special, great or even quite exceptional whiskys. Over the past few years, well over a hundred whiskys have been bottled – and often awarded.

From the office in Germany (Scotch Universe GmbH) the development and maturation of its own stock of whisky, which is maturing in Scottish warehouses, is carried out. Through a network of importers and brand ambassadors, bottles reach whisky enthusiasts all over the world.

Our team in Glasgow (Scotch Universe UK Ltd.) is specialized in the purchase, storage, maturation and worldwide distribution of large quantities of Scotch whisky. They are taking care of individual white-label solutions, for example for supermarkets, wholesale or hotel chains, as well as a range of different, own standard products for large customers.