The variety of Scotch whiskies with their very own flavours and characters equals a large, diverse galaxy. The further and deeper you immerse yourself in it, the more there is to discover. Follow us on a fascinating journey to the various distilleries in Scotland. With our selection you can explore a world whose complexity can only be compared to the universe. Experience hand-picked whiskies from all regions in Scotland – some smoky and tempestuous like a stellar collision, some serene and balanced like the dark side of the moon.

In the whiskies from Scotch Universe you can spot fascinating colours, glistening light and thick darkness, just like looking through a telescope. But just as the universe, our whiskies do not reveal all secrets: The label with ‘our coordinates’ discloses a lot – but it leaves enough room for speculations, assumptions and suppositions. But there are a few things that all whiskies from Scotch Universe have in common: They are from carefully selected casks that were filled separately in Scotland. And: None of our whiskies are chillfiltered or coloured, and they all have a high, cask strength alcohol content.